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OrPine Wash & Wax

A couple of months ago, after completing a sea trial on a big yacht that fairly glistened in the sun, I asked the captain, “Hey Frank, whataya use for soap? To keep your boat lookin’ like she does, I mean?”

“Orpine Wash & Wax,” he replied with a grin and more than a little pride. “Been using it for quite a long time too.”

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Cleaning Toolkit

When it comes to boat soap for the overall washdown, I’ve always sworn by OrPine Wash & Wax, a cleaner and wax mix. Buy a gallon jug and leave it in the lazarette for when you need it. I tend to mix a capful or two (depending on how dirty the boat you’re cleaning is, but no more than that is needed) with a gallon of water.

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