Captain Monty

I've used OrPine Boat Soap nearly all my working life. From daily wash down of a successful day's partyboat fishing to heavy bilge cleaning, I have depended on OrPine for nearly 35 years. Nothing says 'heavy weather cleaning' as pleasantly as OrPine!

It really is true that a single whiff of OrPine Bilge Cleaner reminds me of a clean bilge on a windy day.

Using OrPine Wash & Wax makes future cleaning so much easier. The mess good fishing makes is much more easily scrubbed with daily use of OrPine Wash & Wax.

Having a clean bilge make it much easier to spot a problem; and more likely you'll spot trouble first--before it becomes a problem.

From the rail of my busy partyboat to her heads & bilges - OrPine cleans and smells clean.

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